Creating an effective brand is paramount to selling your product or service.

When a client approaches us to create a new brand identity for their product, service or event, the first thing we do is…..LISTEN!

Before you begin the brand design process put yourself in clients shoes and think like the client….be the client!
– What is their expectation of the brand?
– Who is their target audience?
– What genre is their business?
– What design styles are they attracted to?
– Have they done any design research themselves?
– Who is their competition?
– Where will brand be used?….This is critical.

Before starting work on a new brand identity, both yourself and client need to agree on the outcome of design with a brand strategy. If this doesn’t happen at the start of a project, the client will have no benchmark against which to gauge whether the creative concepts are relevant. Another important aspect is a delivery timeline for the brand design.

Without a doubt the most important factor in developing a brand and identity. This even out-weighs what your client “likes”. An experienced brand developer will guide the client in the direction that makes their brand effective for their market. After all, the brand is not for you and not even for the client…it’s for his potential customers.

In 36 years I have seen many graphic designers either design for themselves or design in “their style” for a client brand. The first rule of thumb is absorb yourself in the client’s business. Research their business, then decide what works and what doesn’t. It’s fair to say that a logo design for a day spa will be very different to a logo design for a construction company. Think about the business and where they sit in the marketplace and what makes them unique?

As mentioned earlier, an experience brand developer will guide their client in the right direction for design…with compromise! If you spend many hours designing for yourself or an “ideal” you may end up with a design that doesn’t appeal to your client. At the end of the day…they are paying the bill!

For many businesses, the competition is not just local, it’s also global…but looking at their local physical competition is a very good place to start. Hopefully your client has done their research and in most cases they know exactly what businesses they are looking to over-shadow. As a brand developer you need to do your own research. Search form similar brands, local directories and local competitors.

When you are designing a brand think about its usage. Will it be digital, print, a vehicle wrap, an app? Does it work on one line and will it work in one colour? A brand strategy from day one may save a lot of heartache down the line. The last thing you want to do is have to alter a client’s new brand to suit the media being used.

The key to effective branding consistency across every form a media. Brand management gives you and your client an identity that work effectively for them and showcases your skills as well.


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Creating an effective brand

Creating an effective brand is paramount to selling your product or service. When a client approaches us to create a new brand identity for their product, service or event, the first thing we do is.....LISTEN! BE THE CLIENT Before you begin the brand design process...