Social media marketing training…’s not a ‘one size fits all’ package!

There are so many gurus out there telling you what you need to do and how to do it on social media. But how many are asking you’re the one simple question that you need to hear? “What do you want from your social media campaign?”

That’s right, it’s a campaign-just like every other form of marketing you have to have a purpose to your social media marketing. It can be as simple as promoting brand awareness or as complex as building a highly targeted email list and building your sales funnels.

And social media isn’t a stand-alone thing. It’s part of the bigger picture. Did you know that 64% of customers have purchased as a result of social media marketing? 52% of consumers are more likely to trust a band if it acts positively on social media.  Potential customers can find your website and see what you have to say about your product, then they check out your social media to see what everyone is saying about your product! Think of your social media marketing as a dynamic and interactive web presence.

All your social media platforms need to be “worked” appropriately AND linked together effectively. Each platform has a format and attracts different kinds of users-everyone has a favourite social media site.

There are tips, tricks and hacks of course, but the key to social media presence is to be truly sociable. This takes time and effort, you basically have to make sure you respond to potential customers, interact with them and promote your business in a positive way, in real time. You have to offer your visitors value.

Content is the key to social media:

Did you know that Facebook is aiming to be all video content by 2017? Is your business ready to be producing and posting great and engaging videos?

Everyone asks for “a viral video please”. If only we could guarantee 10 million views we’d be happy little millionaires, but the truth is it’s getting harder and harder to get your voice heard on social media unless you are targeting your customers effectively. The likes of Facebook and Instagram are making the sites more user friendly by reducing the amount of “spam” type posts into our newsfeeds. They don’t want to lose users because they are tired of seeing stuff they’re not interested in. The average “reach” of a post now is 4%. This means unless someone is actively involved with your page they are highly unlikely to see your posts.

We can tailor make a training package to suit your level of knowledge, right from walking you through setting up your social media accounts to managing your social media activity on your behalf, creating paid ads on social media that don’t break the budget. We can launch you on your way to building social media strategies or create a marketing plan for you. Whatever works for you!

All our face-to-face training is supported with tailor written guides for you to work with after the training and we can provide ongoing support if needed.

You need marketing for your business and because the internet is awash with so much information, we’re here to help.

Say “hi”. Be sociable! Find us on the contact page of the website or on Facebook

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